The current times have been precarious and uncertain for many of us. Even as countries and states recover, we are now facing a new normal. Here at Power Monkey, we’re doing everything we can to get things back on track with our Power Monkey Camp for Spring 2021.  Our goal is to deliver the same standard of educational excellence as well as put into place an upgraded system that minimizes the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as much as possible.  

Below are the measures we’re implementing for PMC 15 (May 2-8, 2021):

1. Cabins: No more than 6 people per cabin with a minimum of 6 feet between beds.

*If any camper prefers to bring their own tent and camp outdoors, you are welcome to do so.  In this scenario, you will be assigned a cabin for shower/bathroom purposes.

2. Station/training groups: You will stay with the same small group of people throughout the duration of Camp, rotating through all the coaching stations.  The main gym is well ventilated and spacious. All pieces of equipment/ workout stations will be appropriately distanced in accordance with social distancing protocols.  Masks will be provided, not be required during training sessions.  

3. Equipment cleaning: All equipment and gym surfaces will be disinfected  daily. 

4. Temperature checks: Everyone's temperature will be checked upon arrival at Camp and daily, at the start of each day. If you have a fever or any symptoms, you will be asked to go to the emergency room immediately and will not be able to attend Camp until tested negative and cleared by the hospital. If driving in, you will be temperature checked upon arrival to camp. 

Once you arrive at Camp, you will be asked to stay on campus for the duration of the week (aside from field trip to Mayhem).  We will have authorized staff making trips to stores for picking up needed supplies throughout the week.  

5. Symptom survey upon arrival: A questionnaire will help screen participants upon arrival. If you are having any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone else showing symptoms prior to Camp you will not be allowed to attend until a negative test result is provided.  You will also be asked to wear a mask on the ride from BNA to Camp. 

6. Deferrals for high-risk participants: If any participant in a high-risk category prefers to attend a future camp, their spot will be reserved for 1 year (PMC 16 or 17).

7. Masks: We encourage masks to be used at participants discretion. Mask wearing is only required inside the dining hall when collecting food.  Masks not required walking around Camp, anywhere outside, in cabins, or in the main gym.

8. Safety at mealtimes: All kitchen staff will wear masks/gloves at all times when in the kitchen and dining hall. Meal times will be structured to limit large groups congregating inside.  Meals will be eaten at undercover outdoor eating areas. 

9. Interactions: Upon arrival, staff will be excitedly greeting you with an elbow bump instead of a hug. To respect everyone's varying comfort levels, we ask you to give air high-fives.



  • This list is not exhaustive.  We will continue to update and refine our safety measures as more information becomes available in the coming months.
  • Of course, even when taking all precautions, there will still be a risk of transmitting illnesses. Everyone must stay vigilant during the week of camp and be honest and forthcoming with any potential symptoms.
  • The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing. Because of that, these suggestions may quickly become outdated. Watch out for the latest from the CDC and other health authorities. 


CDC: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

WHO: www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1 

OSHA: www.osha.gov/SLTC/covid-19/

We’ll be following CDC cleaning/disinfecting guidelines: