camp is a fitness experience for everyone

Power Monkey Camp is a week-long, all-inclusive fitness camp for athletes of all levels. Camp hosts some of the world’s top coaches, experts, and athletes in their respective sports along with a diverse set of participants.

Participants rotate through 10 stations - rowing, gymnastics (bar, rings, handstand), weightlifting (squat, C&J, snatch), jump rope technique, and kettlebells. All of the stations are presented from a foundational level with a focus on learning the basics with correct technique. The schedule is packed with special guest lectures, panel discussions, Olympian demos and expert lead activities. The goal of Camp is to build your foundational understanding of movement and give you the skills to train safely, effectively, and for the rest of your life.

The epic venue is situated on 150 Acres on Lake Frances in Crossville, Tennessee. It includes gyms, living quarters, 5-mile running/hiking trails, and 30,000 sq. ft. of training space in 3 separate gyms. It is a true dreamscape for people passionate about an active lifestyle.

Camp Stations

HANDSTANDS: The handstand station will be lead by Dave Durante. The station will go over basic handstand mechanics as well as have focus on spotting (working with partners). Some higher level information will be discussed on handstand push ups and handstand walking.

RINGS: The ring station will take time to break down both strict and kipping muscle ups. Time will be spent on static apparatus (parallel bars) to help understand the importance of building static strength/stability prior to advancing to rings. There will also be time spent in the RING THING®, which is an incredible tool for understanding all levels of static strength skills.

BAR WORK: The bar station will start with proper hanging form/mechanics and build towards an understanding of correct pulling techniques. It will culminate with bar muscle up variations and associated spotting drills. There will also be some time spent on breakdown for toes to bar as well as shoulder preparation exercises.

SQUAT MOBILITY & CLEAN: The squat and clean station is led by Chad Vaughn and first and foremost digs into the squat range of motion and mobility necessary to match up with the realistic demands of the Olympic lifts. We'll then lead you through the clean using a "bottom-up" progression approach (which will coincide perfectly with the top-down progression you will get in the snatch station). To begin this progression we'll zero in on the critical aspects of a quality and effective "start position" with a complete checklist covered, and then discuss a method of focus to help you "simplify" the lift as a whole by feeling your way through a few key areas within the pull.

SNATCH: The snatch station is led by Mike Cerbus and focuses on developing the necessary technical awareness and practical drill work to maximize athletes' potential. The session combines demonstration, lecture, and hands on drills emphasizing ideal technique for maximum potential and longevity of healthy movement patterns.

JERK: The jerk station is led by Vanessa McCoy and Cheryl Haworth. Here you will first focus on the basics of front rack and overhead positioning with specific drills and mobility exercises. This will lead you into a teaching progression for an "alternative" jerk technique that is delivered as an optional technique and not THE technique. The coaches will work to individualize this for each participant where appropriate while ensuring that all fundamentals of getting the bar from shoulder to overhead with quality and effectiveness are covered.

KETTLEBELLS: Our Kettlebell station offers an action-packed block of intense training, focused on utilizing Double Kettlebell lifts. The curriculum is dense, and will take you from the basics of hinge mechanics to advanced movements including the Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk and the Double Kettlebell Snatch. This systematic approach to lifting, designed by Jeff Martone, will teach you to move more efficiently, effectively and purposefully. The goal of this block is to increase posterior chain recruitment, which leads to better performance, overall endurance and power output from athletes in any domain. These benefits are a direct result of Jeff's stylistic approach to kettlebell lifting, and will be on full display during training.

JUMP ROPE: The jump rope station is led by Dave Newman. The Rx Method is a progression based jump rope mastery workshop utilizing a systematic approach to develop foundational movement patterns and heightened jump rope awareness. The Rx Method will also uncover rope sizing miscues, point out the cause and effect of position imbalances and dispel the myth of speed vs resistance.

ROWING: The Rowing station is led by Olympian and CrossFit Games competitor Rika Geyser and Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsay Shoop. Rika and Lindsay deconstructs optimal position with technique drills; this station also covers ideal pace setting, drag factors and stroke rates.

ENDURANCE: Learn proven training methodologies to create a more robust and efficient cardiovascular “engine” from Aerobic Capacity trained coach Darnell Hardy and CrossFit Games competitor Margaux Alvarez.  Learning objectives include how fatigue develops and limits performance, programming qualities to maximize fitness, the skill of pacing and breathing, as well as a thorough review of energy systems and muscle fibers.  The workouts (or practicals) will be individually personalized, based on the experience and skill of the participant, for a confidence building experience.