Power Monkey Camp coaches

Power Monkey Camp Coaches are some of the world's most elite educators of Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance, Kettlebell, Rowing, Jump Rope, and other technique based movements as well as physical therapy and nutrition. 

Dave Durante

NCAA All-American at Stanford University
Multiple x US National Champion
Multiple x World Team Member
2008 Olympic Team Member
Co-Owner of Power Monkey Fitness


Chad Vaughn

9 x National Champion
American Record Holder (C&J and Master's snatch, C&J, and total) 
2 x Olympian


Dave Newman

Founder and CEO of Rx Smart Gear
Creator of the Rx Method
Innovator of Fitness Solutions


venessa mccoy

Owner of Peak Gymnastics & Fitness
US National Champion
World University Medalist
Medalist in the 2016 Olympic Test Event


chris hinshaw

Pro Triathlete with 10 Ironman Finishes
Endurance Coach, 19 CF Games Champs
Creator and SME for CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Specialty Course


Mike Cerbus

2011 American Open Champion
2012 Pan Am & Olympic
Qualification Teams
5x National Medalist


Dave Tilley

DPT, Board Certified Sports PT
Collegiate gymnast, Springfield College
Owner/CEO of Shift Movement Science


Dan Pope

DPT, Board Certified Orthopedic PT 
Collegiate Pole Vaulter
2x CrossFit Regional Competitor
Former National Champion Strongman
Owner/CEO of Fitness Pain Free


rika geyser

2x NCAA Champ (UW)
PAC 12 Rowing Team of the Century
Multiple x South African Champion
2008 Olympian
2x CrossFit Games Athlete


jason leydon

Owner/Head Coach CF Milford (2nd Team 2015 CF Games)
Coach to 30 CF Games Athletes, 9 Podium Finishers and 4 Teams


Tiffeny Parker

Azusa Pacific University
Former Team USA track and field Heptathlete
2016 Olympic Trials Competitor
Current Team USA Bobsled


Jake dalton

2 time US Olympian
Multiple x World medalist
Multiple x NCAA Champ, University of Oklahoma


Maddy curley

2x CrossFit Games team athlete
NCAA Gymnast at University, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Writer & Lead actor in the Netflix movie CHALK IT UP


duke van vleet

2x NCAA Team Champion for Penn State
Cirque du Soleil performer, 8 years
Owner of CF Rising Wave


Kevin Montoya

CrossFit Backcountry coach
Experienced lead seminar coach, Power Monkey Gymnastics 


joe craig

Lead Trainer and Operations Manager at Rx Smart Gear
CrossFit Level 2 Certified
U.S. Navy Veteran


Jeff Martone

Subject Matter Expert for CF Kettlebell
Founder of Tactical Athlete
“Founding Fathers” of the Modern Kettlebell Movement in the United States


shane de frietas

2x NCAA All American on high bar
1996 Olympian for Barbados
Parallel bar skill innovator 'de Frietas'


steven gluckstein

2012 US Trampoline Olympian
2016 Olympic Team Member
11 time National Champion


Cheryl Haworth

3 x US Olympian
Olympic medalist, Youth Snatch World Record 
Record Holder,  all American and Pan American Records Super Heavy Weight Category


Andy timm

3x National Collegiate Gymnastics Champs
3X CF Regional Athlete


rupert egan

D1 Gymnast at College of William & Mary
Masters of Science from Georgetown University


Dan melzar

Collegiate Gymnast, William & Mary
CrossFit Games athlete 2017


Facundo Etchecolatz

CF Headquarters Media staff
Lead coach Aerobic Capacity Course
Owner of Four CrossFit Gyms in Brussels


Mike Molloy

Owner, M2 Performance Nutrition
PhD in Immunology
Coach to more than 50 CrossFit Regional and Games athletes


ryan schmidt

Professional Aerialist
Dancer on So You Think You Can Dance
Handstand Coach Power Monkey Fitness


Zach FIler

Lead trainer for CrossFit Kettlebell
Owner of CrossFit Hinge
Marathon Bent Press Record Holder