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about 206 south

206 South founders Zach Filer & Adrianna Kara are both instructors at the Kettlebell station at Power Monkey Camp and are over the moon for 206 South to be offered this scholarship opportunity! 

"206 South was founded in 2018, on the basis that access to physical training and healthy, fitness-based programs should not be considered a luxury - it should be easily accessible to everyone. 206 South's approach to making this a reality is accomplished in two ways: We run FREE youth classes in different age groups ranging from 6 to 19 years old. But regardless of age, our main focus is to create a healthy relationship with exercise that builds body awareness and self-confidence in our youth as they head into Middle School, High School, and post-secondary programs. 206 South also provides a sliding scale membership for adults in our gym. This means that members pay for their memberships based on their income, not a set price which can create barriers to entry. Some of these members pay as little as $25 per month to attend classes. And we are proud to say since launching our program, we have helped mentor other gyms to institute scales like this, and have seen an uptick in sliding scale options in our area of the Northwest." -Zach Filer & Adrianna Kara



Project Onyx was created with the vision of creating a community full of healthy, active individuals who have equal access to health and fitness services provided by diverse and culturally competent professionals. Through investing in our youth, educating our communities, and utilizing CrossFit methodology, Project ONYX is able to combat institutionalized racism as it affects the health of our nation. Visit Project ONYX to join our mission to help fund our youth programs, mentorship, scholarships, and so much more. Your support will allow us to spread this mission across the US and transform the health and fitness industry. 

RosieJo Meals

rosiejo full scholarship

"We at RosieJo Meals have been privileged to be a part of the last 9 Power Monkey Camps.  We have seen the impact camp can have on an individual, and have experienced firsthand the positive influence of the PMC family!  We are delighted to be able to make the PMC experience available to someone who may otherwise not be able to attend."

Rx Elevate Scholarship

Rx Elevate Scholarship

RX Smart Gear is a founding partner of Power Monkey Camp, and plays a key role in its continued success. RXSG is a shining example of how to use fitness to elevate and empower others. The Rx Elevate Scholarship is committed to providing the opportunity for a guest to participate in the Power Monkey Camp.

"Prospective recipients are people whether part of the fitness community or other that are dedicated to elevating others in some way shape or form.  These are people who through their actions display compassion and selflessness in uplifting their fellow humans. These are people who givingly offer their time, sweat, energy and creativity for the sake of others."
-Dave Newman, founder RXSG

for Active and veteran military members

10% Military discount