A full Camp rundown with big-nastics superstar Christian Harris!

Feb 22, 2019

From Power Monkey Camp X guest athlete Christian Harris @iamchristianharris

"Swinging back to NY // Such a truly awesome experience at @powermonkeyfitness camp. I have to thank @jasonleydon for helping me to come out. It’s more than just learning techniques and principles from THE best in their fields - I met some incredible people, heard some inspiring stories, ate too good, and definitely tried quite a few new things that are WAY out of my comfort zone [back tucks and dropping from the trees 40’ in the air to name a couple]. I had an absolute blast and I’m grateful to have been able to reconnect will old friends, and make a ton of new ones. If you ever have the opportunity to head out to a camp, I highly suggest it. The date for the next one is already set."

📸 @kirozeek #powermonkeycamp #skysoutthighsout #thighmeat #bish #bignastics

Christian Harris is competitive CrossFit athlete and owner of Move Fast Lift Heavy. 

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